Posts for September 2003

Guest Contributors | September 10, 2003 | FOSS in Schools

I have just completed my first year of being the "science mom" in my two older sons' classrooms at Riviera Elementary in Torrance, California. Last fall, when I was deciding how I should spend my volunteer time in the classroom, I came up with the idea of helping the teachers do science experiments.

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Guest Contributors | September 09, 2003 | Science Notebooks

When effective professional development is in place and teachers are properly prepared to implement the use of FOSS modules in their classrooms, teachers are ready to move beyond the instructional guide and connect the curriculum in ways that meet the needs of their own classroom and school communities. As a teacher's level of expertise increases, the use of science notebooks becomes more prevalent. Teachers are finding that using science notebooks in conjunction with FOSS science modules is a logical next step to ensure that student achievement is affected in an even more powerful way than the use of kits alone.

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Guest Contributors | September 02, 2003 | FOSS in Schools

An earlier project at Northern Arizona University inspired Doris Tso to consider more translations of FOSS modules into the Navajo language. She was interested in providing a program to teachers and students in the Navajo Nation that was standards-based and employed cooperative learning.

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