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Posts for September 2006

Guest Contributors | September 08, 2006 | FOSS in Schools

As an instructor of elementary science teaching methods, I have 12 weeks to guide my students from that dark place known as "science phobia" to that brighter place where they are prepared to teach science to elementary children. Although this is not a small task, it is one that I relish each and every semester.

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Larry Malone | September 06, 2006 | Observations by Larry

"I am writing this email to you because I had something happen to me with this module that never happened before..."

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Brian Campbell | September 05, 2006 | FOSS in Schools

Finding time to teach science is a common concern for all of us in science education. Science time was a major issue that the teachers and administration at Jay Jeffers Elementary School tackled during the planning year leading up to the opening day in August 2005.

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