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New to FOSS? Here's How to Get Started on FOSSweb

FOSS Newsletter Staff
September 08, 2015 | Technology

In order to gain access to the full suite of module resources, we recommend registering for an account on FOSSweb. Click on the "Get Started Now" link on the bottom of the FOSSweb homepage. Follow the steps to complete your registration using your school email address. We encourage our users to register with an organization (your school or district), if applicable. Registration requires your school email address, district or school address information, and a password that is at least eight characters in length. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and you must click on the link to complete your registration. Check your spam folder if you don't receive it right away.

How Do I Activate Access to My Purchased Modules?

Once you log in to FOSSweb, you will be brought to your Teacher Page. Select the "Activate a New Module" button in the My FOSS Modules header. If you have purchased a FOSS Next Generation Edition or Third Edition Module, or a Middle School Second Edition Course, you will find a FOSSweb access code inside the cover of your Investigations Guide. For these editions, each code is module specific and will provide you with full access to FOSSweb teacher resources for that module after online activation.

If you use editions published before Fall 2011— Elementary Second Edition, Middle School First Edition, or California Edition (2007)—you will need to use the access codes provided on page 19 of this newsletter.

Once you have your code, enter it into the first page of the "Activate a New Module" dialog box. On the second page, select which module(s) you want to appear in My FOSS Modules. We suggest you select only the modules you use most. You can always add or remove modules from this area later. Note that a module must be in My FOSS Modules in order to assign it to a class. If you have a premium access code, you can enter it on this page. Click Submit and wait for your Teacher Page to reload.

Need More Help?

For more information, you can watch the FOSS Registration Walkthrough videos by following this link: See page 19 of this issue for contact information and access codes.