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FOSS Tech Corner: The Interactive eInvestigations Guide (eIG) for FOSS Next Generation K–5

FOSS Newsletter Staff
September 04, 2015 | Technology

The electronic version of the FOSS Next Generation Investigations Guide has been reworked for FOSS Next Generation Edition modules on FOSSweb. This new version is called the Interactive eInvestigations Guide (eIG). Similar to the PDF-based Investigations Guide currently found on FOSSweb, the eIG has the same content, word for word, image for image, as the print Investigations Guide.

One main feature of the eIG is the ability to easily navigate through the Guide. Every bit of the Guide is accessible through a few taps rather than scrolling through pages. Using this format, users can navigate to specific sections, such as bringing up a digital copy of the notebook sheets for a particular part for easy printing. Links to student videos, multimedia, digital FOSS Science Resources articles, and teacher preparation videos allow users to fully access components of the program at a level not available in the print Investigations Guide.

eIG Guiding the Investigation

In the eIG Guiding the Investigation sections, there are three different ways to view the step-by-step lessons. The expanded view, which is the default view, is the recommended way to view when preparing and guiding the investigation the first few times. This view provides the exact same information as the traditional Guide. The collapsed view is useful in navigating to a particular step. The third view, the summary view, is meant for the experienced FOSS teacher as it provides a condensed version of the text. This version would be useful for teachers in their third or fourth time through the experience, particularly those that are teaching the same part in a rotation. These views allow for users to see the information they want, when they want it, through their tablet. Users can also collapse all in other sections, which helps in finding certain sections in the Background for the Teacher.

Since the beginning of FOSS, teachers have been doing two things, either writing in their Guides or on sticky notes and carrying their Guides around the room with them during science. The eIG allows you to do both.

When teachers want to remember something, they type a note next to that step and the note is saved. No more lost sticky notes. The eIG is saved through a FOSSweb account and is unique to each teacher.