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FOSS Next Generation Wins Coveted REVERE Golden Lamp Award

FOSS Newsletter Staff
September 20, 2016 | FOSS Program


FOSS is honored to be recognized for its continuing commitment to science.

We’re pleased to announce that the FOSS Next Generation K–5 Edition has won both the 2016 AAP REVERE Award for Whole Curriculum—Science as well as the coveted 2016 AAP REVERE Golden Lamp Award for best Whole Curriculum overall!

Every year the Association of American Publishers (AAP) asks educational product producers and publishers from all subjects and age levels to submit their curricula to be considered for the AAP REVERE Awards. The REVERE Awards identify and honor excellence in products that support evolving trends in teaching and learning for pre-K–12 students. It is the only program that recognizes learning resources in all media, for all ages, and covers a wide array of educational subject areas and learning environments. Entrants for the 2016 REVERE Awards came from many fields including educational, trade, and magazine publishers; museums; university affiliated programs; nonprofits; membership associations; and game and app developers. From the AAP,

The Classroom competition is structured around three major product categories— Whole Curriculum, Supplemental Resources, and Professional Resources—each with their own individual set of subcategories.

The Whole Curriculum subcategory seeks entries that deliver a groundbreaking educational experience through products that feature a new, fresh, or experimental approach—whether in pedagogy and methodology, research and content, media and technology, or other areas. Originality and ingenuity are key factors of honorees in this area.

There are typically many entries into the REVERE Award process, varying by year and by category—there is no direct application for a Golden Lamp. This year, anywhere from two to five finalists were chosen in a given category. Those category finalists are then narrowed further to the category winners and only those category winners are eligible to compete for a Golden Lamp Award.

We’d like to thank everyone whose hard work and dedication went into making the FOSS Next Generation Edition the strong curriculum that it is and AAP for recognizing this through awarding us these two honors. FOSS Next Generation is built on the assumptions that understanding of core scientific knowledge and how science functions is essential for citizenship, that all teachers can teach science, and that all students can learn science.

When the Full Option Science System (FOSS) began in the early 1990s, the founders at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, envisioned an elementary science curriculum that was enjoyable, logical, and intuitive for teachers and stimulating, provocative, and informative for students. But the developers never envisioned FOSS as a static curriculum. As developers, we worked continuously with teachers and students over the years to gather feedback and to test new approaches, and now FOSS has evolved into a fully realized 21st-century science program with authentic connections to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Linda de Lucchi, FOSS co-director, says,

Receiving this award confirms our collaborative approach to developing curriculum. The rich partnership between a research institution (the Lawrence Hall of Science) and a publishing partner (Delta Education/School Specialty) started with a shared vision to provide quality science experiences for all teachers and students. Part of that vision was the importance of establishing long-lasting relationships with educators, parents, and the scientific community to have enduring curriculum implementations with continual improvement.

“We are honored to receive this recognition for FOSS Next Generation from one of the most esteemed awards programs in education,” said Bodie Marx, senior vice president of School Specialty Curriculum (owner of Delta Education, FOSS publisher). Bodie continues,

FOSS Next Generation exemplifies our commitment to the power of hands-on, blended learning and, in just a year since its launch, the program has been enthusiastically embraced by educators at school districts across the country. As the FOSS Next Generation family of products grows to include middle grades, we look forward to working with teachers at even more schools as they engage their students in active science learning.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the REVERE Awards. FOSS is honored to be recognized for its continuing commitment to science, both in and OUT of the classroom. FOSS is over 25 years old; it evolves thoughtfully over time, as do the educators who use the program. It provides a strong foundation that can be customized to serve many different educational situations and students of varied backgrounds and abilities.

We have seen schools use FOSS as the core of their curriculum and these sciencecentered schools are some of the most vibrant learning communities—learning is dynamic, relevant, and there are equal opportunities for all to engage. Every school has the potential to become a sciencecentered school with FOSS!