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A Look Back at the FOSS Newsletter

Sue Jagoda
September 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

You are holding the last good-old-fashioned paper edition of the FOSS Newsletter in your hand as you read this article (unless you've already gone digital). In honor of our tree-saving measures we want to take a stroll down memory lane and share a bit of history and trivia of the FOSS Newsletter.

  • The first FOSS Newsletter was published in 1993. It was originally published four times a year; the schedule soon changed to twice a year. (It's a lot of work gathering articles, editing, and designing a newsletter, and we had curriculum to develop!)
  • The goal of the FOSS Newsletter was to connect FOSS developers and users in a network across the country and beyond.
  • Larry Malone was the first editor. A few years later he passed the baton to me (Spring 1998 was my first issue), and it became one of my favorite tasks as a FOSS Developer. David Lippman expertly took over as editor when I retired in 2012.
  • One of my aims was to encourage teachers and students to contribute their FOSS experiences to the newsletters. They were thrilled to get published! (A couple of examples are "Crayfish in Arizona" and "Earth History Field Experiences.")
  • FOSS staff have shared their travel experiences in the newsletter. Check out "In the Land of the Rising Sun" and "Postcards from the Rim" in the newsletter archive.
  • Part of the newsletter production team is based in Chicago. Phyllis Tamada-Brown has been the graphic designer for the newsletter since the beginning. Dawn McHugh has edited and supervised production of the newsletter. It was a cross-country team effort!
  • Dr. Larry Lowery (1932–2016) was a frequent contributor to the newsletter providing insights into the cognitive science and learning theory on which the FOSS program is based.

Just like the FOSS program has evolved, so has the newsletter over more than 20 years. But even though the title is changing, FOSSconnect will still always be your source for updates, the latest research, and interesting stories from your colleagues.

FOSS Newsletter No. 32 cover

FOSS Newsletter, Fall 2008, No. 32—Our first full-color issue!

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