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The FOSS Newsletter Goes Digital: Introducing FOSSconnect

David Lippman, FOSS Program Manager at Lawrence Hall of Science
September 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

After 50 issues and almost 25 years, we here at the FOSS Newsletter are hanging up our printers' caps. This is the last issue of the FOSS Newsletter in its current physical form. When we published the first FOSS Newsletter in Spring of 1993, we set out with a clear mission in mind—to provide you, our loyal users, with up-to-date information about FOSS. Whether it's articles on real-world implementation, theoretical pieces, or pieces designed to help you deepen your science teaching for all students, we've written, and will continue to write and seek out, articles designed to help you connect with us.

And so the print FOSS Newsletter is no more, but FOSSconnect is here to stay. We'll still maintain our archive of past articles, and we'll still publish sets of articles a minimum of twice a year, but we'll also start pushing out articles on timely subjects more often, as well as giving you more of a platform to write pieces about how you use FOSS.

In this special edition issue 50, you'll find: "A Look Back at the FOSS Newsletter," by former editor Sue Kaschner Jagoda; "What's Next for FOSS in 2018?", by FOSS codirector Linda De Lucchi; the final print edition of " Larry," by FOSS codirector Larry Malone; and the beginning of a new series of in-depth looks at FOSS implementations around the country, beginning with Linden, New Jersey, and RESA 6 in West Virginia.

"FOSS Next Generation Implementations throughout the United States" begins in this issue, but is continued at, where we'll continue these two district's stories more in-depth, as well as regularly add other stories.

While we can't help but shed a tear over saying goodbye to the print form we all love, we're very excited to connect with even more of you while saving some trees in the process. Rest assured, we'll provide key articles in a print-ready format for those of you that need articles in hand for workshops and to share with colleagues.

The very first issue

FOSS Newsletter, Spring 1993, No. 1