FOSS Newsletter Staff | March 11, 2003 | Professional Development

If you will for a moment, think back to when you first heard about FOSS. Perhaps FOSS modules were introduced to you by a colleague or lead teacher in your district or by a consultant for FOSS. Maybe you attended a FOSS session at a regional or national NSTA convention. Perhaps you used the video from your kit as you planned to teach the activities to your students, refreshing your memory of how the activities were planned and assessed. Remember the early conversations you had with other science teachers in your building or district, about the modules and how great they were to use.

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Larry Malone | September 10, 2002 | Professional Development

Last summer the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston hosted a weeklong workshop on the FOSS Middle School Planetary Science Course. Can you imagine a better place to have this workshop?!

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Larry Malone | September 04, 2002 | Professional Development

A comment last fall over supper with Larry Woolf led to a conversation in January. That conversation started the planning process that culminated in the FOSS Electronics weeklong summer workshop at General Atomics, June 23–28, 2002.

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