Guest Contributors | September 20, 2002 | Science and the Community

Have you noticed the science extension suggestions that are part of each FOSS investigation? A museum or science center in your community may be just the right partner for exploring them. This is the story of one collaboration that is helping enrich and support FOSS in Port Townsend, Washington, elementary schools. Hopefully, it will inspire you to find and develop a similar relationship in your community.

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Joanna Totino | March 08, 2002 | Science and the Community

"You are Cordially Invited To A FOSS Family Science Night! Come and explore the science units that your child is learning in the classroom!"

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FOSS Newsletter Staff | September 09, 1999 | Science and the Community

This photo collage shows just some of the many people who have contributed to the success of FOSS over the past ten years. Some have participated in development, others in training, and others in implementing FOSS in their classrooms.

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