FOSS® Next Generation™ California Public Review

Welcome to the FOSS (Full Option Science System™) Next Generation public review page. Below are instructions and login information to view all of the student-facing resources for the program exactly as they would.

FOSS Next Generation puts the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS) into practice by integrating Disciplinary Core Ideas, the Science and Engineering Practices, and the Crosscutting Concepts to engage students and teachers in enduring hands-on exploration that leads to deeper understanding of the natural and designed world.

How to Access FOSS Next Generation Student Resources

  1. Go to and click the "Class/Student Login" tab. login screen
  2. Enter the class username/email and case-sensitive password for the grade span you wish to review below:
    • Student Materials for FOSS Next Generation K-5
      • Username: PublicReviewK-5
      • Password: publick5 (case-sensitive)
    • Student Materials for FOSS Next Generation Middle School
      • Username: PublicReview6-8
      • Password: public68 (case-sensitive)
  3. Once you login you will see the public "Student Page." All 18 modules for K-5 and all 11 courses for middle school are listed in alphabetical order on their respective student pages. See the scope and sequence for which modules fall into which grades. student page
  4. Click on the desired module or course to browse all available student-facing resources including eBooks, notebook masters, online activities, and family engagement connections. module page

Recommended K-8 Scope and Sequence

Grade Integrated Middle Grades
8 Gravity and Kinetic Energy* Waves* Electromagnetic Force* Planetary Science Heredity and Adaptation*
7 Chemical Interactions Earth History Populations and Ecosystems
6 Weather and Water Diversity of Life Human Systems Interactions*
*Half-length course
Grade Physical Science Earth Science Life Science
5 Mixtures and Solutions Earth and Sun Living Systems
4 Energy Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Environments
3 Motion and Matter Water and Climate Structures of Life
2 Solids and Liquids Pebbles, Sand and Silt Insects and Plants
1 Sound and Light Air and Weather Plants and Animals
K Materials and Motion Trees and Weather Animals Two by Two