Customized Support for Mississippi Science Standards

Delta Education’s Mississippi Science for grades K-5 features engaging hands-on, inquiry-based investigations and informational texts to support the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards for science. It complements the research-based FOSS Next Generation active science program to provide complete and thorough coverage of Mississippi-specific standards. Mississippi Science includes materials to support each classroom-tested investigation for a ready-to-go science experience derived from the Delta Science Modules inquiry-based science program.

Mississippi Science Teacher Guides

  • Complete classroom-tested investigations from Delta Science Modules
  • Equipment kit with materials to support 8 groups (up to 32 students per class) with hands-on science
  • Develop writing and analysis skills with support for science notebooks
  • Science background information for each lesson helps teachers get prepared to teach
  • Student activity sheet copymasters included in each Teacher’s Guide for convenience
  • Literacy and ELA support for Mississippi Science student readers
  • Ongoing, formal, and portfolio assessment

Mississippi Science Student Readers

The Mississippi Science Student Reader features selected readings from informational texts published by Delta Education. These engaging readings look at science concepts, real-world phenomena, biographies of scientists, and more. The Mississippi Science Teacher’s Guide includes detailed support for teaching literacy skills through science.

Mississippi Science Program Samples

View samples of each grade level Teacher Guide and Student Reader online. To view digital samples of FOSS Next Generation visit our trial access page.

Mississippi Science View Samples Mississippi Standards Addressed
Grade K
Cover image
L.K.1A.2; L.K.2.3; P.K.5A.1
Grade 1
Cover image
L.1.1.5; L.1.2.2; L.1.3B.1; E.1.9B.1; E.1.9B.2 E.1.9B.2; E.1.10.1; E.1.10.2
Grade 2
Cover image
L.2.1.1; L.2.1.2; L.2.1.3; L.2.1.4
Grade 3
Cover image
P.3.5.1; P.3.5.2; P.3.5.3; E.3.7A.1
Grade 4
Cover image
L.4.1.1; L.4.1.2; L.4.1.3
Grade 5
Cover image
P.5.5A.1; P.5.6.1; P.5.6.2; P.5.6.3; P.5.6.4