Students in elementary and middle school explore active science investigations

The Next Generation of Active Learning is here!

Science is FOSSome in PA: Driving students to excel in nature of science skills with hands-on instruction, inquiry-based instruction.

FOSS Next Generation—a modular, research-based K–8 core curriculum program for teaching science and engaging students in the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts of the NGSS. FOSS excites students and motivates them for more advanced study in science.

FOSS is developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkley with input from scientists and educators to provide teachers with all the resources they need to teach science effectively and efficiently. Students assume the role of scientists by making observations, asking questions, making predictions, collaborating and communicating with peers, and conducting experiments to test ideas and verify results. Following the active investigations, students apply and reinforce what they have learned through reading and writing.

The FOSS Pennsylvania Companion Program includes time saving teacher resources, provides correlation to the Pennsylvania Science Framework/Eligible content that assures coverage of PA specific content with PA specific SAS lessons, a pacing guide and PSSA Test Prep.

See a sample of the FOSS Pennsylvania Companion Program here!

Here’s why science is FOSSome in PA!

  • FOSS Pennsylvania Companion Program
  • Professional Learning & Teacher Support
  • Access & Equity
  • ELA Integration & Connections
  • Ignites Student Engagement
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Recommended Pennsylvania K-8 Scope and Sequence

FOSS Next Generation is designed to help your students develop more sophisticated ways to think about the core ideas of science. Modules are truly connected and build upon one another within and across each strand, progressively moving students toward the big ideas of science.

Grade Integrated Middle Grades

*Half-length course

  • Engineering Design icon Engineering Design
  • Physical Science icon Physical Science
  • Earth Science icon Earth Science
  • Life Science icon Life Science
Grade Physical Science Earth Science Life Science