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If you want the TEKS in their minds,
put FOSS in their hands.

It's one thing to cover the TEKS. It's quite another when students discover them! Each FOSS investigation is designed to provide multiple exposures to every TEKS, using seamlessly integrated strategies that center on active investigation. It works. FOSS is extensively field-tested and reflects current research.

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FOSS Texas K-5 Scope and Sequence

Each FOSS Texas module consists of 4-6 investigations that provide students access to content through Active Investigations, Content Reading, and Assessment. At every grade, FOSS investigations cover:

  • Matter and energy
  • Force, motion, and energy
  • Earth and space
  • Organisms and environments.

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Grade Physical Science Earth Science Life Science
5 Mixtures, Force, and Energy Earth Cycles and Change Models and Living Systems
4 Energy and Electromagnetism Water and Landforms Environments
3 Energy and Matter Earth and Sky Structures of Life
2 Balance and Motion Air, Weather, and Earth Insects and Plants
1 Solids and Liquids Rocks, Soil, and Air Plants and Animals
K Materials in Our World Trees and Weather Animals Two by Two