Science curriculum that meets Utah's SEEd Standards!

Are you prepared to actively engage your students with the new FOSS Next Generation Science Curriculum?

FOSS® Next Generation is the curriculum that guides students through their own active investigations of scientific phenomena. Grounded in ongoing research at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, the three-dimensional learning of FOSS imparts not just facts but a scientific way of thinking, equipping students from all backgrounds to meet modern standards and navigate today’s complex world.

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Recommended Scope & Sequence for the Utah K-8 SEEd Standards

Grade K FOSS Module
Strand K.1: Weather Patterns Trees and Weather
Materials and Motion
Strand K.2: Living Things and Their Surroundings Animals 2x2
Trees and Weather
Materials and Motion
Strand K.3: Forces, Motion and Interactions Materials and Motion
Grade 1 FOSS Module
Strand 1.1: Seasons and Space Patterns Air and Weather
Sound and Light
Strand 1.2: The Needs of Living Things and Their Offspring Plants and Animals
Strand 1.3: Light and Sound Sound and Light
Grade 2 FOSS Module
Strand 2.1: Changes in Earth’s Surface Pebbles, Sand and Silt
Strand 2.2: Living Things and Their Habitats Insects and Plants
Strand 2.3: Properties of Matter Solids and Liquids
Pebbles, Sand and Silt
Grade 3 FOSS Module
Strand 3.1: Weather and Climate Patterns Water and Climate
Strand 3.2: Effects of Traits on Survival Structures of Life
Strand 3.3: Force Affects Motion Motion and Matter
Grade 4 FOSS Module
Strand 4.1: Organisms Functioning in Their Environment Environments
Strand 4.2: Energy Transfer Energy
Strand 4.3: Wave Patterns Energy
Strand 4.4: Observable Patterns in the Sky Earth and Sun
Grade 5 FOSS Module
Strand 5.1: Characteristics and Interactions of Earth’s Items Soils, Rocks and Landforms
Living Systems
Strand 5.2: Properties and Changes of Matter Mixtures and Solutions
Strand 5.3: Cycling of Matter in Ecosystems Living Systems
Grade 6 FOSS Module
Strand 6.1: Structure and Motion Within the Solar System Planetary Science
Strand 6.2: Energy Affects Matter Weather and Water
Strand 6.3: Earth’s Weather Patterns and Climate Weather and Water
Strand 6.4: Stability and Change in Ecosystems Populations and Ecosystems
Grade 7 FOSS MS Module
Strand 7.1: Forces Are Interactions Between Matter Gravity and Kinetic Energy
Electromagnetic Force
Strand 7.2: Changes to Earth Over Time Earth History
Strand 7.3: Structure and Function of Life Human Systems Interactions
Strand 7.4: Reproduction and Inheritance Heredity and Adaptation
Strand 7.5: Changes in Species Over Time Heredity and Adaptation
Grade 8 FOSS MS Module
Strand 8.1: Matter and Energy in the Physical World Chemical Interactions
Strand 8.2: Energy Is Stored and Transferred in Physical Systems Gravity and Kinetic Energy
Strand 8.3: Life Systems Store and Transfer Matter and Energy Populations and Ecosystems
Strand 8.4: Interactions with Natural Systems and Resources Earth History