• Complete Kit

FOSS Third Edition Animals Two by Two Complete Kit

Grade K


Animals Two by Two provides young students with close and personal interaction with some common land and water animals. Students observe differences in structure and behavior and learn about basic needs of animals.

Students will:

  • Observe and describe the structures of a variety of common animals¿fish, snails, earthworms, and isopods.
  • Compare structures and behaviors of different pairs of animals.
  • Observe interactions of animals with their surroundings.
  • Communicate observations and comparisons orally and through drawings.
  • Handle animals carefully, and participate in the care and feeding of classroom animals. Describe the basic needs of animals.


  • Investigation 1: Goldfish and Guppies
  • Investigation 2: Land and Water Snails
  • Investigation 3: Big and Little Worms
  • Investigation 4: Pill Bugs and Sow Bugs

A Complete Kit includes:

  • Investigations Guide
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource books
  • 1 Big Book
  • Nonconsumable equipment
  • Consumable materials for two class uses

Please note: Live Organism Coupons are not included in the kit; they must be purchased separately.

Item Package Quantity: 1