• Complete Kit

FOSS Third Edition Materials In Our World Complete Kit

Grade K


The Materials in Our World Module provides experiences that heighten students' awareness, curiosity, and understanding of the physical world as they observe and compare the properties of a variety of kinds of wood, paper, fabric, and earth materials. Students discover what happens when they subject the materials to a number of tests and interactions.

Students will:

  • Observe and compare physical properties of different kinds of wood samples, using the senses.
  • Observe and compare properties and structures of different kinds of paper and fabric.
  • Observe how wood, paper, and fabric interact with water.
  • Explore the technology of making wood products.
  • Observe and describe how and where fabrics are used.
  • Observe, describe, and mix earth materials with water to observe properties.
  • Communicate observations made about different kinds of materials, orally and through drawings.
  • Use knowledge of the properties of materials to create useful and/or aesthetic objects.


  • Investigation 1: Getting to Know Wood
  • Investigation 2: Changing Wood
  • Investigation 3: Getting to Know Paper
  • Investigation 4: Getting to Know Fabric
  • Investigation 5: Earth Materials

A Complete Kit includes:

  • Investigations Guide
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource books
  • 1 Big Book
  • Nonconsumable equipment
  • Consumable materials for two class uses

Item Package Quantity: 1