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FOSS Third Edition Soils, Rocks and Landforms

Geology is the study of our planet's earth materials and natural resources. The Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Module provides students with firsthand experiences with soils, rocks, and minerals, and modeling experiences to study changes to rocks and landforms at Earth's surface.

Students will:

  • Investigate the processes of physical and chemical weathering of rocks and minerals.
  • Investigate the composition of soils from four different locations; observe and compare local soils.
  • Use stream tables to investigate how the slow processes of erosion and deposition alter landforms; predict the results of a student designed stream-table investigation, and then compare actual results to predictions.
  • Use physical tools and a table of diagnostic properties to make observations and identify minerals in common rocks.
  • Make observations and interpret them to develop explanations in the way that scientists do.
  • Observe how earth materials are used in the community around school, and consider the ways people impact natural resources.


  • Investigation 1: Soils and Weathering
  • Investigation 2: Landforms
  • Investigation 3: Rocks and Minerals
  • Investigation 4: Natural Resources

A Complete Kit includes:

  • Investigations Guide
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource books
  • Nonconsumable equipment
  • Consumable materials for two class uses

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