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FOSS Third Edition Structures of Life

In the Structures of Life Module, students observe, compare, categorize, and care for a selection of organisms. Students observe and describe the life cycles of plants and animals, observe the characteristics of the human body, and explore food chains.

Students will:

  • Observe and compare properties of seeds and fruits.
  • Investigate the effect of water on seeds.
  • Observe, describe, and record structures of germinated seeds and learn their functions for the growing plant.
  • Describe and compare different kinds of germinated seeds.
  • Grow plants hydroponically and observe the life cycle of a bean plant, focusing on structures and functions.
  • Observe and record crayfish structural and behavioral adaptations.
  • Use knowledge of crayfish requirements to maintain the organisms in the classroom.
  • Organize data about crayfish territorial behavior.
  • Study skeletal systems using bones, images, and models.
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data from life science investigations to build explanations.


  • Investigation 1: Origin of Seeds
  • Investigation 2: Growing Further
  • Investigation 3: Meet the Crayfish
  • Investigation 4: Human Body

A Complete Kit includes:

  • Investigations Guide
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource books
  • Nonconsumable equipment
  • Consumable materials for two class uses

Please note: Live Organism Coupons are not included in the kit; they must be purchased separately.

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