• Living Materials Card - 12 Adult Crickets

FOSS Living Materials Card - 12 Adult Crickets



*When using Living Materials Cards, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.
An additional charge applies to shipments of living materials.

Care Instructions:

Crickets are shipped in a container with crumpled paper.  Transfer them to a terrarium as soon as possible.  Enclose the shipping container in a plastic bag and gently shake the crickets into the bag.  Remove the shipping container.  Place the open end of the bag of crickets into the cricket habitat and slide the crickets out of the bag and into the habitat.  This will be easier than shaking them directly from the box into the habitat.  Crickets may be fed oatmeal, birdseed, small pieces of fruit or lettuce, or dried dog food.  Prepare the water fountain provided in the kit.

Item Package Quantity: 1