• Living Materials Card - 20 Goldfish and 12 Elodea

FOSS Living Materials Card - 20 Goldfish and 12 Elodea


Goldfish (Carasslus auratus)

When using Living Materials Cards, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.
An additional charge applies to shipments of living materials.

Care Instructions:

Goldfish: Float the unopened bag(s) containing the fish in your aquarium filled with dechlorinated or spring water for about 15 minutes to equalize the temperature. When temperatures are equal, pour the contents of the bag through a dip net into another container and transfer the fish from the net to the aquarium. Discard the shipping water. DO NOT USE CHLORINATED TAP WATER IN YOUR AQUARIUM! Maintain the aquarium at room temperature out of direct sunlight, adding dechlorinated or spring water as necessary to maintain the water level.

Anacharis: Open the bag and rinse the Anacharis in dechlorinated or spring water. Keep the Anacharis in a container of dechlorinated or spring water to avoid drying out.

Please refer to the living materials literature included with your shipment or check the Materials section of your Teacher Guide for information on dealing with the organisms at the end of the module.

Item Package Quantity: 1