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  • Living Materials Card - 200 Mealworms

Living Materials Card - 200 Mealworms


Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)

*When using Living Materials Cards, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.
An additional charge applies to shipments of living materials.

Care Instructions:

Mealworms can be kept in their shipping container for several days.  Store the mealworms (larvae) in a cool place at 45º F to 65º F out of direct sunlight.  At warmer room temperatures, larvae will soon pupate.  To keep the larvae for a longer period of time, transfer them to a larger container with bran and add bits of apple or potato for moisture.  Replace the food as necessary, or if it becomes moldy.

Please refer to the living materials literature included with your shipment or check the Materials section of your Teacher Guide for information on dealing with the organisms at the end of the module.


Item Package Quantity: 1