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  • Living Materials Card - 25 Pill Bugs, 25 Sowbugs

Living Materials Card - 25 Pill Bugs, 25 Sowbugs


Pill Bug (Armadillidium vulgare)
Sow Bug (Oniscus ascellus)

*When using Living Materials Cards, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.
An additional charge applies to shipments of living materials.

Care Instructions:

The shipping container contains damp paper towel or other medium to provide moisture. Upon arrival, mist the paper towel slightly. Food should be removed if it shows any signs of mold, and replaced with sliced carrot, potato, or apple. Pill bugs and sow bugs can be kept in the shipping container for a few days until ready to use in class. Moisten the paper towels as necessary.

If you are keeping the pill bugs and sow bugs for a longer period of time, place them in a terrarium with rich, moist soil. Place moist paper towels in the container to provide humidity, and continue to add food as necessary. Keep the container at room temperature in low light.

Please refer to the living materials literature included with your shipment or check the Materials section of your Teacher Guide for information on dealing with the organisms at the end of the module.

Item Package Quantity: 1