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  • Living Materials Card - 12 Crayfish and 12 Water Plants

Living Materials Card - 12 Crayfish and 12 Water Plants


CRAYFISH Cambarus bartoni and Elodea plants ("Anacharis")

For use with the Structures of Life FOSS module.  Note, some states restrict the shipment of crayfish.  See additional information.

*When using Living Materials Cards, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time.
An additional charge applies to shipments of living materials.

Care Instructions: Immediately upon arrival, open the plastic bag to provide air. Carefully transfer the crayfish to their habitat tray with water. Aquatic Elodea plants shipped with the crayfish can be rinsed in clean dechlorinated or spring water and placed in the habitat for food and hiding places for the crayfish. Maintain the habitat at cool room temperatures, out of direct sunlight.

Crayfish can be fed dry cat food or flake fish food in a separate feeding basin. Because they are scavengers, they will eat small fish, earthworms, tadpoles, snails, and rotted plants. Remove uneaten food after 15 minutes.

Item Package Quantity: 1

Replacement Unit: card