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Planetary Science, Second Edition

The revised FOSS Planetary Science course draws from the original course's rich, active-learning investigations to develop a historical sense of humankind's exploration of the cosmos, then delves in far greater depth into the modern questions surrounding space exploration.

The study of the relationship between Earth, Sun, and the Moon is expanded so that students develop a more thorough understanding of the local cosmos, including the organization of the solar system and the reason for the seasons.

Instructionally, the course has been enhanced by the addition of embedded notebooking techniques, recommended homework assignments, and greater support for in-class readings and multimedia activities.

FOSS Components

  • Teacher Toolkit
    • Investigations Guide
    • Teacher Resources
    • FOSS Science Resources Book
  • Equipment Kit
    Materials for five classes of students
  • FOSS Science Resources
    (book of original readings developed to accompany this course, along with images and data to analyze)
  • FOSSweb and Technology Access
    (interactive site for students and teachers)
  • Ongoing Professional Development
    (from Delta Education and Lawrence Hall of Science)

Program Features

  • Active investigations, including outdoor experiences and online simulations
  • Recording in science notebooks to answer the focus question
  • Reading in FOSS Science Resources
  • Assessment to monitor progress and motivate student reflection on learning
  • Technology to engage students at school and at home
  • Technology to support teachers

Course Investigations

  • Investigation 1: Where Am I?
  • Investigation 2: A Round, Spinning Earth
  • Investigation 3: Seasons
  • Investigation 5: Phases of the Moon
  • Investigation 6: Craters
  • Investigation 7: Beyond the Moon
  • Investigation 8: The Solar System
  • Investigation 9: Space Exploration
  • Investigation 10: Orbits and New Worlds