• Complete Grade-Level Kit for Grade 4

FOSS Next Generation Complete Grade-Level Kit Print/Digital Edition for Grade 4

Grade 4


Grade Level Kit - Grade 4 contains complete materials for the Energy, Environments, and Soils, Rocks and Landforms modules.

FOSS® Next Generation Grade-Level Kits provide excellent value for schools and districts implementing an entire grade of the program at one time. Grade-level kits contain permanent equipment, teacher materials and consumables.

Grade Level Kits Include:

  • Permanent Equipment
    Materials for eight groups of four or up to 32 students per class.
  • Consumable Equipment
    Kits come with three class uses of consumables and convenient refill kits that provide three additional years of supplies.
  • Teacher Materials
    One Investigations Guide and Teacher Resources Book for each module title in the kit.
  • FOSS Technology
    Access to a one-stop online resource for eBooks, eInvestigations Guides, videos, virtual investigations and tutorials, online assessment, and much more. FOSS Next Generation Complete Grade Level Kit Print/Digital Edition includes 32 digital student seat licenses for 7 years.
  • Additional Digital Student Seat licenses
    Additional 1 year and 7 year student seat licenses for this module are available to purchase. Purchasing additional seat licenses requires the purchase of this FOSS Next Generation Complete Module, Digital or Print Editions. To purchase or learn more, contact your FOSS Representative.

*Student resource books are sold separately for maximum flexibility.

Available in multiple configurations to support your number of students and language needed. Contact your FOSS representative to learn more.

FOSS Next Generation Grade Level Kit Digital Access
1-year Student Seat License $4.00
7-year Student Seat License $26.00