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FOSS Next Generation Middle School Human Systems Interactions Complete Kit

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Grades 6 - 8

Part #: 1465619


Complete materials kits for each FOSS Next Generation Middle School course include everything you need to get started with FOSS in your classroom, packaged in durable, stacking drawers for ease of storage.

  1. Investigations Guides
    This core instructional tool provides you with the support to help them successfully facilitate the investigations. Each kit includes a hardcover spiral-bound edition of the course Investigations Guide.
  2. Teacher Resources
    These resources guides support teachers in how the elements of FOSS work and provide notebook and assessment masters. Each kit includes a softcover edition of the course Teacher Resources book.
  3. Equipment Kit
    Specifically designed, durable equipment and materials in FOSS lead to successful investigations for all students. Each kit includes enough materials for five (5) class uses of the module. Refill kits for consumable materials sold separately.
  4. FOSS Science Resources
    FOSS student readings connect students' firsthand experiences to informational text. Each complete kit contains 32 hardcover FOSS Science Resources books. Student Access to Science Resources eBooks sold separately.
  5. FOSS Technology
    Access to a one-stop online resource for eBooks, eInvestigations Guides, videos, virtual investigations and tutorials, interactive whiteboard activities, and much more.

Subject: Life Science