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Animals Two by Two

Animals Two by Two provides young students with close and personal interaction with some common land and water animals. Appropriate classroom habitats are established, and students learn to care for the animals. In four activities the animals are studied in pairs. Students observe and care for one animal over time, and then they are introduced to another animal similar to the first but with differences in structure and behavior. This process enhances opportunities for observation, communication, and comparison.

FOSS expects students to:

  • Develop a growing curiosity and interest in the living world around them.
  • Observe and describe the structures of a variety of common animals—fish, snails, earthworms, isopods, and chicks.
  • Compare structures and behaviors of different pairs of animals.
  • Observe interactions of animals with their surroundings.
  • Handle animals carefully, and participate in the care and feeding of classroom animals.
  • Communicate observations and comparisons. Acquire the vocabulary associated with the structure and behavior of animals.