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Human Body

The Human Body module consists of four sequential investigations that engage students in thoughtful activities about the form and function of a most remarkable machine, their own body.

FOSS expects students to:

  • Observe and investigate the human skeletal and muscle systems.
  • Become aware of the versatility of movement provided by an articulated skeleton.
  • Gain experience with the use of photographs, diagrams, and model bones to gather information.
  • Build mechanical models to demonstrate how muscles are responsible for human movement.
  • Compare the bones and muscles in their own bodies to photographs and models.
  • Investigate response time of hands and feet.
  • Develop an awareness of human bone and muscle structure and function and an appreciation for the versatility of the human body.
  • Acquire the vocabulary associated with the human skeletal and muscle systems.
  • Use scientific thinking processes to conduct investigations and build explanations: observing, communicating, comparing, and organizing.