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Insects and Plants

Students develop a curiosity and interest in insects and flowering plants and an appreciation for them as living things. They provide for the needs of insects and plants and observe them over time, understanding the phases of the life cycle in the process. (5 Investigations)

The complete module includes: Teacher Guide, Teacher Preparation Video, 32 hardcover Science Resources books, and Equipment Kit with enough materials for 2 complete classes of 32 students.

Investigation 1: MEALWORMS

Each student receives two larval mealworms in a vial to care for and observe. Over 10 weeks students observe the larvae grow, molt, pupate, and turn into beetles (adults), which mate, lay eggs, and die. They read two articles about insects in the environment.

Investigation 2: BRASSICA SEEDS

Each student plants tiny rapid-cycling brassica seeds in a planter cup. The brassica plants grow under continuous light and develop for a month. Students observe and record the complete life cycle from seed to seed. They read about flowers and seeds.

Investigation 3: MILKWEED BUGS

Groups of students receive vials of milkweed bug eggs. Each group prepares a habitat for the bugs, providing air, space, food, and water. They observe structure, pattern, and behavior as the insects advance through simple metamorphosis. They read two articles about insect variation, shape, and color.

Investigation 4: SILKWORMS

Students observe the life history of one of the most commercially successful insects. They start with eggs and observe the growth and changes to larvae, pupae, and adults who produce eggs. Students study the structure of a moth larva, and read two articles about insects.

Investigation 5: BUTTERFLIES

The class observes the painted lady larvae grow, pupate, and emerge as adults. Students experience the stages of complete metamorphosis and compare the behaviors of moths and butterflies. They read about life cycles of other animals and compare them to insects.


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