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Water is the most important substance on Earth. Water dominates the surface of our planet, changes the face of the land, and defines life. These powerful, pervasive ideas are introduced here. The Water module consists of four investigations in which students explore properties of water, changes in water, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water.

FOSS expects students to:

  • Observe and explore properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states.
  • Observe the expansion and contraction of water as it warms and cools.
  • Investigate factors that influence evaporation and condensation of water.
  • Consider components of the water cycle.
  • Observe and compare how water moves through different types of earth materials, including soil and gravel.
  • Consider the water quality of local water sources.Investigate how water can be used to do work.
  • Acquire vocabulary associated with water.
  • Record observations in writing and pictures.
  • Exercise language, social studies, and math skills in the context of science.
  • Become aware of the importance of water in their lives.
  • Use scientific thinking processesto conduct investigations and build explanations: observing,communicating, comparing, and organizing.