Delta Explore Primary Leveled Readers: Force and Motion

Primary Grades

Delta Explore Readers are nonfiction student books that build informational literacy skills through science content area reading and engaging photographs while promoting scientific inquiry at the primary grades.

Each Delta Explore Reader

  • Covers key standards-based science content
  • Contains the same key science content, vocabulary, and photographs
  • Highlights a career related to the topic
  • Is available in three Lexile levels

In Delta Explore Force and Motion, students learn about the relationship between force, motion, and work. They discover how the six simple machines help people do work by moving objects easier, faster, or farther. Students also read about how construction workers use pulleys in their work.

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Force?
  • What Is Motion?
  • Energy and Work
  • What Are Simple Machines?
  • Construction Workers
  • Glossary