Delta Science Content Readers

Delta Science Content Readers are 24-page nonfiction student books in two editions with informative, engaging text and full-color photos and illustrations.

Samples of the two editions available for each title

Each edition features:

  • Key science content and vocabulary
  • Science and literacy support features
  • Teacher Guides and Skillbuilders to build on literacy and content information skills

Same Science Content—Two Reading Levels

Red Edition

Two-page spread
  • 3rd-4th grade reading level
  • One column format
  • Shorter, simpler sentences, with larger photos and illustrations

Purple Edition

Two-page spread
  • 4th-5th grade reading level
  • Two column format
  • More words per page
  • Longer, more complex sentences, with more photos and illustrations

Scope and Sequence

Grade Life Science Earth Science Physical Science