Skillbuilders activities help students practice comprehension, grammar, writing, and vocabulary using the content in their Delta Science Readers. This seamless integration helps children develop literacy skills and appreciate language's role in science, while reinforcing the science concepts.

Integrate language arts lessons with science - skillbuilders make it easy and affordable!

Grades 2–4 Reading Grammar Writing Vocabulary
Butterflies & Moths sequence common and proper nouns poem compound words
Classroom Plants summarizing subject pronouns recipe (instructions) rhyming words
Force & Motion comparing and contrasting using is and are instructions antonyms
Plant & Animal Populations drawing conclusions plural nouns speech prefixes
Sink or Float? making predictions past tense of verbs personal narrative synonyms
Soil Science fact and opinion irregular verbs planning a report multiple meanings
States of Matter cause and effect parts of a sentence (subjects/predicates) description classifying words
Using Your Senses identifying details adjectives diary entry homonyms
Weather Watching main idea and details punctuating sentences friendly letter visualizing word meanings
Grades 3–5 Reading Grammar Writing Vocabulary
Dinosaurs & Fossils comparing and contrasting main verbs and helping verbs mystery story word parts
Earth Movements cause and effect adverbs postcard context clues
Electrical Circuits fact and opinion punctuating sentences diary entry word origins
Food Chains & Webs main ideas and details forming plural nouns persuasive letter suffixes
Magnets using a diagram punctuating quotations dialogue word families
Plant & Animal Life Cycles previewing possessive nouns research report homonyms
Solar System drawing conclusions common and proper nouns news report prefixes
Sound making inferences subject-verb agreement story structure synonyms and antonyms
Water Cycle sequencing subject and object pronouns poster concept definition
Weather Instruments summarizing adjectives report idioms
Grades 4–6 Reading Comprehension Grammar, Mechanics and Usage Writing Vocabulary
Color & Light cause and effect commas transitions antonyms
Electromagnetism predicting outcomes sentences and fragments audience and purpose suffixes
Erosion drawing conclusions adverbs letter to the editor noun-forming suffixes
Flight & Rocketry comparing and contrasting compound subjects and predicates topic sentences synonyms
Oceans sequence capitalizing proper nouns description compound words
Pollution critical thinking sentence combining how-to list prefixes
Rocks & Minerals main idea and supporting details comparative and superlative adjectives compare-contrast essay roots
Simple Machines summarizing parts of a sentence news story analogies
Weather Forecasting graphic elements independent and dependent clauses weather report context clues
You & Your Body fact and opinion subject-verb agreement narrative word families