Teacher's Guide

Cover of Teacher's Guide for Force and Motion
  • Background and key points for all 12 hands-on activities
  • Page-by-page suggestions, review questions, and writing links for use with Readers
  • Correllations to standards included in each title

​in the teacher guide, you'll find:

  • Objectives—focus of the activity and goals for students
  • Schedule—suggested time to allow for the activity
  • Vocabulary—new words introduced in the activity
  • Materials—which items are used and how many each student or group needs
  • Preparation—instructions for what you need to do prior to class
  • Background Information—information related to the investigation
  • Guiding the Activity—steps for completing the activity, and questions to lead discussion
  • Reinforcement—suggestions for further investigation into the topic
  • Science Journals—recommendations for how students can add to their journals
  • Cleanup—instructions for facilitation of cleanup and return of materials to the kit
  • Science at Home—activities for students to try at home
Sample page from Simple Circuits Sample page from Simple Circuits