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  • Readers - Pack of 8

Delta Science Readers: Plant and Animal Life Cycles - Pack of 8

Grades 3 - 4


In the Delta Science Reader Plant and Animal Life Cycles, students read about the life cycles of a variety of plants, animals, and fungi. They learn how some living things grow, change, and reproduce. They also read about a famous wildlife biologist—Jane Goodall—and her unique, long-term study of chimpanzees in Africa. Finally, students learn about emperor penguins and compare the sizes and weights of some newborn animals.

Delta Science Readers are 16-page nonfiction books for students with informative, engaging full-color photos, text, and graphics that present key science concepts and vocabulary.

  • Promote reading in the content area.
  • Present key science content and vocabulary found on most state tests.
  • Support and extend the experiences and content of hands-on activities.
  • Help students develop informational literacy skills.
  • Promote scientific inquiry.
  • Makes a great homeschool resource!

Each reader has three main sections:

  1. Think About... key information about the unit topic
  2. People in Science historical biographies, careers in science
  3. Did You Know? high-interest articles or selections

Item Package Quantity: 8

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