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  • My Math Notebooks Grades PreK-2 (Set of 10)

My Math Notebooks Grades PreK-2 (Set of 10)

Grades Pre-K - 2


My Math Notebooks help children meet writing standards by encouraging them to explore and develop their ideas in written form. As they write about the subject matter, they learn how to communicate their thoughts about it in writing. In addition, writing about their work helps them internalize their learning.
In their Math Notebooks, they may write about their mathematical thinking, create graphs and charts or draw geometric figures.

Each 7" x 9", 64-page Journal features a colorful cover with an area to personalize. Left-hand pages are for writing and illustration. Right-hand pages contain a 1-cm grid for charts, diagrams and graphing. The PreK–2 Notebooks accommodate beginning writers with 5/8" writing guidelines and dotted mid-lines.