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  • Complete Kit

Delta Science Modules Pollution Complete Kit

Grades 5 - 6


Students start from the ground up, learning about litter and landfills. They sort schoolyard trash and calculate how quickly a classroom would fill with waste paper. They practice one way to recycle materials and brainstorm others. Next, they observe particulate matter in air and consider the implications. They create a filtration system, examine water pollutants, and try to clean up an oil spill. After testing the hardness, alkalinity, and acidity of water samples, students observe the effects of acid rain on plants. Finally, they define noise pollution based on opinion surveys and noise level tests.

In the Delta Science Reader Pollution, students read about how human and natural activities can cause land, air, and water pollution. They learn what can be done to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. They read about the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Noise and light pollution are also introduced. In a biographical sketch, students meet a famous scientist, Rachel Carson, whose warnings about the dangers of pesticides led to the banning of DDT. Finally, students learn about alternative energy sources and why it is important to develop them.

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