ScienceFLEX Components

ScienceFLEX is a topic-based, modular, supplementary science solution that blends flexible classroom-vetted activities with informational text readings. Students explore real world phenomena through science and engineering practices and make connections via crosscutting concepts that span the science disciplines.

Teacher Guides

Complete teacher support for the integration of hands on investigations and informational and narrative texts.

  • 8–10 lessons that span 15–16 class sessions
  • Core lessons structured with 5E lesson plan
  • Embedded formative assessment and multimodal summative assessments in every module
  • Support for reading instruction integrated alongside science support
  • Instructional strategies built around Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts
  • Engineering design process incorporated where applicable
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[Teacher Guide interior pages]

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FLEX Presenter

A presentation tool that assists you in pacing and managing the lessons. Includes slides and images that allow you to project general instructions, investigation procedure steps, teaching visuals and questions for discussion.

FLEX Presenter

Leveled Readers

  • Collection of two-to-six-page informational text articles, in magazine-style format
  • Readers available in 4 Lexile levels per module
  • Content is directly tied to the phenomenon explored in each lesson
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[Screenshot of leveled reader yellow

Science Notebook

The consumable write-in notebook guides students through the module’s topic and provides a tool for ongoing formative assessment and record of student learning. Includes ample write-in space for students’ observations and reflections, and reading and writing activities.

  • Close reading activities that utilize both the reader and newly-crafted passages
  • 1-to-2-page text articles of community text for whole-class reading activities
  • Prompts for "write-to-source" activities utilizing the leveled readers
  • Documentation of investigative observations and conclusions
  • Critical thinking activities
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[Science Notebook interior pages]

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Equipment Kit

A distinctive box organized for efficiency and ease of use that contains the materials you need for each investigation. Permanent equipment and consumable materials are organized by lesson and support 8 groups (up to 32 students) for 3 uses.

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LEARN™ Augmented Reality

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The LEARN™ Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android brings science to life. Engaging, interactive animations and models leap off the pages to give students a unique look at the world around them. Take a trip through the inside workings of a simple machine or peel back the layers of the Earth to see what lies beneath.

Your home for accessing all the digital components and support for the ScienceFLEX program, including one level of science reader as an audiobook.

  • Online Teacher Guide
  • Flex Presenter
  • 1 Level of the Reader in both print and audio format
  • Science Notebook
  • Access to the LEARN™ App