• Complete Kit

Delta Science Modules Butterflies and Moths, Third Edition Complete Kit

Grades 2 - 3


Students explore the colorful, captivating world of moths and butterflies. From tiny larvae on beds of food to fluttering adults in a mesh tower, butterflies and moths grow and develop with your students' care. Teams of two raise a painted lady butterfly and a wax moth, observing metamorphosis from larva to pupa to adult. When adults emerge from chrysalis and cocoon, students study their features and behaviors. Some may even see a new generation of larvae hatch. Students record observations in logbooks and learn about survival adaptations, camouflage, mimicry, and ultrasensitivity to odors. The unit includes a field trip to collect and identify wild larvae, as well as hints for distinguishing between butterflies and moths at every stage of their life cycles.

In the Delta Science Reader Butterflies and Moths, students read about the life cycles of butterflies, moths, and other insects. They learn the identifying characteristics of all insects. They discover the similarities and differences between moths and butterflies. Students also read about a biologist who studies Monarch butterflies and find out about the amazing migration of the Monarch butterfly.

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