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Electrical Circuits, Third Edition

Students explore Electrical Circuits with twelve hands-on activities and the Delta Science Reader. Once your class has mastered simple open and closed circuits, students progress to constructing parallel and series circuits. They investigate the factors, besides switches, that affect the flow of current. Students design circuit testers to determine how well certain solids and liquids conduct electric current. They demonstrate resistance by comparing the bulb brightness produced by different wires. For fun, students create circuit puzzles to outwit one another with hidden configurations. They also learn to depict their own sophisticated electrical setups with circuit diagrams.

In the Delta Science Reader Electrical Circuits, students read about electric charge, electric current, electrical circuits, and two ways in which electricity and magnetism are related. The book also presents biographical sketches of key innovators in this field, Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Lewis Howard Latimer, and describes the work of an electrician. Students discover how water power is used to make electricity and how much energy various household appliances use.

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