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Magnets, Third Edition

Students discover the Law of Magnetic Attraction and much more about the principles that govern magnetic behavior and interaction. They experiment with magnets of various sizes and shapes, even our planet-sized magnet, to explore this invisible but observable force. Students find out which materials are attracted to magnets and which can "block" the passage of magnetic force. They demonstrate magnetic fields and polarity using iron filings. Then they make compasses that align with Earth's magnetic poles. They model temporary magnetism and use a simple circuit and an iron nail to create an electromagnet. A space shuttle video challenges students to consider the applications of magnets in our technological society.

In the Delta Science Reader Magnets, students read about magnets and magnetic fields. They learn how magnets are made, how magnets can create electricity, what magnets are used for, and how Earth is like a magnet. They also read about Michael Faraday, the famous nineteenth-century scientist who invented the electric motor and the electric generator, both of which use magnets. Finally, students learn about applications of magnets in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and maglev trains.

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