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  • Complete Kit

Delta Science Modules Observing an Aquarium Complete Kit

Grades K - 1


Students build and maintain aquariums that become, over several weeks, diverse underwater ecosystems. Students can observe food chains, how populations change, and how life cycles unfold. One by one, organisms are introduced into fresh water habitats: two types of aquatic plants, tropical fish, pond snails, algae, and tiny crustaceans called daphnia. Students examine each one to discover how it is suited to life under water. By the time they take an end-of-unit field trip to a local pond, students are experienced observers who will recognize meaningful similarities and differences between their classroom aquariums and the natural environment.

In the Delta Science Reader Observing an Aquarium, students read about the plants and animals that live in an aquarium. They learn about the life cycle of fish. They find out about the different body parts that make fish well adapted to living in water. They also read about the job of an aquarium scientist. Finally, students observe different types of water habitats.

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