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Small Things and Microscopes, Second Edition

Students discover that magnification not only makes objects appear larger but also brings details into view that the unaided eye cannot see. After observing patterns in crystals and the vital variety of plant and animal cells, students draw important conclusions about living and non-living things. They study the tiny world of one-celled protists, and grow and observe colonies of bacteria. In the process, students enlarge their repertoire of scientific skills, learning to focus a magnifier, adjust a microscope, make a wet mount, and stain a slide. (13 Activities)

Delta Science Modules offer:

  • An easy to use hands-on approach to teach science.  Both novice and experienced teachers can successfully engage students in rich and rewarding activities. Step-by-step activity instructions; science background information and suggestions for managing materials are just a few of the features in each Teacher Guide that ensure teaching success.
  • Classroom flexibility. With 57 modules to choose from, you'll find just what you need to reinforce your science curriculum or build your own curriculum to meet your state or local framework.
  • High quality, cost-effective equipment kits. Each module's equipment kit provides 4 to 6 weeks of science instruction for 32 students. Teaching inquiry-based science is both affordable and effective.
  • A science program designed for the way you teach. Delta Science Modules consists of 57 topics covering life, earth and physical science.  Each DSM module contains an equipment kit with enough materials for 32 students to conduct 12 investigations and a comprehensive Teacher Guide with performance assessment.

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