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Sunshine and Shadows, Third Edition

Students explore shadows from every possible angle. They begin with a simple definition of shadow and end with a full-fledged original performance in a shadow theater. Once students identify what is needed to make a shadow, a light source, a solid object, and a surface, they are off and running. In both indoor and outdoor activities, students make predictions about how shadows change position, size, and length, and even become multiples or disappear. From their experiments they draw conclusions about the variables, such as the sun's movement, that affect shadow shapes. They create silhouettes to explore shadow properties. And they build sundials to put shadows to work telling time.

In the Delta Science Reader Sunshine and Shadows, students read about the world of light and shadows. They learn about how shadows are formed and why shadows change size and shape. They find out about different sources of light and identify kinds of objects that block light to make a shadow. They also read about the job of a meteorologist, a scientist who studies and forecasts weather, sunny and otherwise. Finally, students learn how sundials use sunlight and shadows to tell the time.

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