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Weather Forecasting, Third Edition

Students explore Weather Forecasting with twelve hands-on activities and the Delta Science Reader. They discover the importance of accurate weather forecasting and record keeping, and how to do both. Student partners build weather stations that are the headquarters of their unit work. They fill the station with temperature, rainfall, and wind data. Then they add barometric pressure and relate it to weather conditions. Students plot fronts and other large-scale factors on weather maps, differentiate cloud formations, and research weather folklore. With the help of a video, they delve into severe weather hurricanes and tornadoes for which forecasting is especially valuable.

In the Delta Science Reader Weather Forecasting, students are introduced to the world of weather forecasting and the data, instruments, and science that make forecasting accurate. Students read about the six weather factors, temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, and cloudiness, as well as the difference between weather and climate. The reader contains a biographical sketch of tornado expert Tetsuya Theodore Fujita. Students also find out about two other kinds of weather scientists: climatologists and hurricane hunters. Students learn about different types of winds and how a weather satellite works.

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