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Weather Watching, Third Edition

Students explore Weather Watching with twelve hands-on activities and the Delta Science Reader. Teach your students how to observe, describe, and measure aspects of weather using key science vocabulary, weather instruments, and, most important, scientific understanding. After brainstorming why weather changes from day to day, season to season, and place to place, students investigate temperature and wind strength. They construct rain gauges, lightning rods, and wind socks. They find out which cloud formations predict which weather patterns. They explore the causal conditions for such phenomena as rainbows, thunderstorms, and snowflakes. They even model tornadoes, track hurricanes, and interpret weather maps.

In the Delta Science Reader Weather Watching, students explore what weather is and what causes it to change. They read about the water cycle and various weather tools, such as the thermometer, barometer, wind vane, rain gauge, and anemometer. The book explains how weather changes according to the seasons. Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms are also discussed. In a biographical sketch, students meet Ben Franklin, and they also find out about the work of a meteorologist. Students also explore how weather satellites collect weather data from space.

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